What...if... is a choose-your-own-adventure game about an existential crisis made in Instagram Stories

This is a  documentation of a game that ran in my Instagram account from March 5th to March 10th

This is the second game in "The Medium is the Message" series

Development log


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it took me an hour just to actually join to play

⚠ Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cssRules' of null (https://v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net/html/892029/index.html: 1328)

This is the error that i am presented with. Might need some fixing on either my part possibly.

interesting, it seems to work for me in all the devices, but let me check if anyone else has this issue and try to fix it 

ok, with some googling (and asking friends), it might actually be an issue with adblock in chrome 

Seems it was having some clash with the TaperMonkey script for Anti-adblock killer.

Wasn't clashing with my Adblock since i keep it off for Itch anyways. Turning TaperMonkey off worked.

New error, It seems i get stuck at the third screen ( After the game introduction about it being based on your story). I can see some arrows to click but clicking them does absolutely nothing.

All adblocks and scripts are disabled and i'm using Opera browser

oh yea, that is not an error, it's a documentation of a game which already run 

I was sure it was presenting the results of the poll, but apparently it isn't- I will fix it tonight 

Thanks for letting me know about the errors 

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No problem!